Ampere Reo Electric Scooter Price Reviews & Specification

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Do you want to purchase Ampere REO Electric Scooter? So, you have to check the details of the Ampere REO Scooter. Here you get the information about the Ampere REO Price, Ampere REO Specifications, Ampere REO Battery, and more information about the Ampere REO Electric Scooter.

In case you want to buy Ampere REO Electric Scooter and you want to know more information about the EMI’s, then you can easily get it by contacting an Ampere Customer Service. Friends!! You already know that daily petrol diesel price is increasing, so is the option is to purchase Ampere REO Electric Scooter.

Ampere REO Electric Scooter

Ampere REO is a well-known brand in the Electric Scooter. In India, Reo has two variants in the Reo Electric Scooter. REO is the budget electric scooter because the Ampere REO price is started from Rs. 40126 of the lowest variant and the high variant price is Rs. 53,175.

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Ampere REO price depends on the battery it means you buy a Lead Acid Battery, then you have to pay Rs. 40,126*, and Li-Battery REO Electric Scooter, then you have to pay Rs. 53,175*. You can use Ampere REO Electric Scooter to reach destinations like office, college, school, and go to another place.

Ampere REO is the best build design and stylish look and comfortable for all age peoples. It’s mainly use for the students and office going people in town and city. Ampere REO is the eco-friendly transportation.

The Ampere REO design is stylish and comfortable. So, many people like to purchase Ampere REO. You can easily buy Ampere REO Electric Scooter by visiting the Ampere REO Showroom. Let’s know the Ampere REO Electric Scooter Specifications.

Why is Ampere REO Electric Scooter buy

In the Ampere REO Electric Scooter, you don’t need any license and registration in the REO Electric Scooter. So, you have the option to buy Ampere REO Scooter for your children for going to school and college. Ampere REO’s design is built with modern technology. Ampere REO is ensuring that it’s a smooth and safe ride. You also use the Ampere REO on rainy days.

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Ampere REO Specifications

Li-ion Battery Lead Acid Battery Lead Acid Battery Plus
Charger Rating 48 V/ 6 A 48 V / 2.7 A 48 V / 2.7 A LA
Ampere REO Mileage 55 – 60 KM 45 – 50 KM 55 ± 5 KM
Max Speed 25 KM/H 25KM/h 25KM/h
Motor Capacity 250W 250W 250W
Battery Type Advanced Li-Ion Sealed Lead Acid Lead Acid
Battery Life 650 Cycles at 25 degree, 100% DOD 300 Cycles at 25 degree, 100% DOD
Battery Capacity 48 V/ 24 Ah 48 V/ 20 Ah 48 V/ 27 Ah
Payload 120Kg 120Kg 130Kg
Full Charging Time 5-6 Hours 8-10 Hours 8-10 Hours
Kerb Weight 70Kg 88Kg 87Kg
Length 1730mm 1730mm 1730mm
Width 660mm 660mm 660mm
Height 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Wheel Base 1334mm 1334mm 1235mm
Warranty Battery 2 Years 1 Years 1 Years
Motor, Controller, Charger, DC to DC Converter 1 Years 1 Years 1 Years


You have four (4) color options in Ampere REO Electric Scooter. You have the option to buy a Blue, Orange, Red, and Yellow, so you can buy any one color. And Ampere REO is budget segment Electric Scooter. And Really I’m telling Ampere REO is the best electric scooter for the students and ride for the town or city.


It is an amazing deal for you guys, Ampere REO is the best stylish and comfortable electric scooter. Guy’s you have the option to buy Ampere REO Electric Scooter in the EMIs. So, go to the nearest Ampere REO Showroom and buy a new Ampere Electric Scooter. If you want to know another Electric Scooter details, then you can check it here. Here I will provide all the electric scooter details. So, you can check it.

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